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The Huddersfield Factor

Huddersfield, Yorkshire has been at the epicenter of British textiles for centuries, enjoying a global reputation as the 'best of the best' when it comes to fine wool

Our archives include an extensive collection of cloth designs woven over the last 125 years - an invaluable resource for today's fashion innovators. They also include photographs of royal visits and vintage images of our mills, machinery and working processes.

We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition at HMS International, 730 Fifth Avenue, on the 5th floor in New York City.

To schedule your visit contact or
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The Huddersfield Factor
A carefully curated exhibition of photographs and memorabilia from the archives of Yorkshire-based Huddersfield Fine Worsteds,curated by Justin MacInerney..

Huddersfield Fine Worsteds is featured in this month's Twist Magazine. Fresco Lite, Bamboo and much more in the newest Twist Magazine article on Huddersfield Fine Worsteds' ambitious growth plans. Go to page 40 to read it all.
Read the article.

HFW X RUBINACCI ‘UNIQUE QUALITY’ Gladson's UK sister company, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds recently collaborated on an exclusive project with prestigious Neapolitan tailoring house, Rubinacci. For more on this exciting development with the founders of the original, 'soft' Neapolitan jacket, view the article in the July/August issue of 'Twist' magazine. Read it now.

Fresco™ from Gladson is featured in the premier launch of MR Magazine.
Made in Huddersfield England, using a patented twist yarn construction from 1907, tailors from around the world call it the 'Ultimate Travel Suit'. Read the article.

Our own Mickey Solomon, CEO of HMS International and owner of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds in England spoke to UK based Twist Magazine about the emergence of custom as the most dominant trend in menís fashion this year, seeing a 'dandy moment in menswear'. Read all about it.


Savile Row bespoke tailor and wool expert Richard Anderson enthusiastically endorses Fresco and J & J Minnis flannel in the latest issue of The Rake magazine. Both are iconic British cloth collections Made in England by Gladson's sister company, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds. Read it now.

David Gandy, model and celebrity and customer of Henry Poole chose a cloth from our new Hardy Minnis range, Worsted Alsport II. Read more.

Pedal to the Metal - Gandy Style!
Model, celebrity and vintage racing car enthusiast David Gandy had this to say recently about his Henry Poole suit made of Gladson's Worsted Alsport II from Huddersfield, England. Read it now.

Seen in the December issue of Rhapsody magazine
As part of our world-wide marketing effort we are advertising in the December issue of United Airlines' in flight magazine for First and Business Class customers. See our ad on page 49 of Rhapsody Magazine.

Our sister company in the UK, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds was featured in the July/August issue of Twist magazine, featuring commentary by our own Michael Solomon outlining some of the exciting trends in menswear fabric and fashion. Read all about it.

For more information contact or call 1‑800‑2271724


Brilliant Seasons; QX Squared In this video, learn about our Unique Luxury English Tropical Suiting. Made in England, Exclusively from Gladson.  

  Billiant Seasons; Alazar IIV Justin MacInernery gives an update on the latest Alazar collection.

Brilliant Seasons; Sunny Season Classics II Justin MacInernery shows off our fabric collection from one of Italy's oldest Mills, Vitale Barberis Canonico  

  Billiant Seasons; BAMBOO our own Justin MacInernery introduces Bamboo our fastest growing jacketing fabric collection.

Brilliant Seasons; FRESCO III. Justin MacInernery explains why the new Fresco collection is one of the most exciting fabric introductions this season  

  Brilliant Seasons; Portofinio VII. With four times the selection of fabric options means Gladsons’ Portofinio will continue to be the brilliant choice for custom jacketing.

BASH! White Tie, Black Tie or No Tie - The Ultimate Party and Formal Collection from Gladson.

The Dandy. Meet Dominick. Elegance and style are the result of a long and successful partnership between Dominick and his most trusted adviser - his tailor.

The Creative. He values individuality over conformity. His choice of color and texture in heritage fabrics like Gladson's Harris Tweed and English Flannel suggest a mind open to intriguing possibilities.

The Professional. Follow Scott’s lead and transform your professional style with razor-sharp custom tailoring using Gladson’s newest fall fabric collections.

Meet the Newbie. Get him into a custom tailored suit or sport jacket in Gladson fabrics. It’s confidence, made material - and he’ll get the difference right away.

Visit Rome and enjoy the view of some our finest Jacketing fabrics

This trip to Venice includes a view of Alazar. Statement Suitings from Gladson.

Worsted Alsport II Fashion Collection
Justin MacInernery walks you through the Worsted Alsport II fabric collection complete with English-styled suits and accessories.

The Worsted Alsport II
Worsted Alsport II from Hardy Minnis, an exciting new range of modern Town Tweeds from England brought to life in this exclusive video.

The Profile Collection
What's the profile collection all about? Take a quick look at the amazing before and after images as they come to life.

The Prima Fila Video
The lookbook that started it all. Still a classic collection.

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