Vitale Barberis Canonico

A Little History
The Barberis family traces its involvement in the textile business back to 1663. For over three centuries without a break, this remarkable family has maintained an unshakeable commitment to the business, creating strong ties between factory, family and the local community. Today, it is the largest producer of high quality cloths in all of Italy.

It All Begins With the Wool
The exquisite wools used by Barberis have their origin in Australia, where Merino sheep are bred under the strictest of regimens on farms owned by Barberis or with which they have exclusive arrangements. The wool contains no trace of dark fiber and must be free of contamination. It must have a superior soft hand. But that is only the beginning…

A Different Spin
The Barberis spinning process is the genesis of what makes their cloths tailor so beautifully and perform so well. It is not enough that the wool selected be of high quality. The wool fibers themselves must have certain characteristics; they must be even in length, crimp and fineness. Barberis never “over-spins” their wool, a process that can adversely affect the ultimate tailorability and performance of the cloth.

The Latest Technology
The company continues to invest in its products and facilities and has in place
the latest and most sophisticated equipment. This allows them to always be at the cutting edge of the most advanced technologies. Cloth can be produced more efficiently and in a greater volume, which is one of the key elements in the value factor of Barberis cloths.

Happy Employees Make Happy Cloth
One example of sophisticated equipment that is of great benefit to the Barberis employees took place with the installation of looms encased in special housing , thus allowing workers to listen to Mozart instead of the deafening noise a loom makes when operating…One of the many ways that Barberis considers the happiness and well-being of its employees.

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3
Because the number one goal of the mill is to create cloths that tailor well and perform well, without sacrificing the hand, Barberis is constantly testing its products at all stages of the process. Even after the cloth is woven, small swatches are cut from the finished pieces and subjected to tests that measure their strength , recovery and performance.

Better Cloth
Considering the care with which the raw fibers are selected, how the yarn is spun and how the cloth is woven, finished and tested, Barberis cloths are hands down the very best.

Better Value
The volume of quality raw materials purchased and the volume of meters woven by Barberis, allow its superior cloths to be sold at value based prices that are considerably lower than the competition.

Beloved by Tailors Everywhere
Barberis cloths are the first choice of tailors throughout the world. They know the ease with which the cloth works. They know how it feels, performs and recovers , and most importantly, they know their customers will be immensely satisfied and will return for more Barberis garments.

Better Selection: Signature Cloths
Como 120’s – Sport Jackets
Blasone - 110’s Trousers
Legacy 110’s - Suits
Revenge 130’s – Suits
Greenhills 160’s – Suits
Winter Classics – Suits 110’s & 110’s.

Simply Better
Better Quality
Better Performance
Better Results
Better Selection
Better Customer Satisfaction
Better Repeat Business
Better Value
Better Profit