Summer Breeze 2

Spring arrives. Gladson captures the essence of the season with a refreshing collection of lightweight fabrics, spun of a variety of natural fibers that are both cool and comfortable to wear.

Owning a suit made from one of these naturals is the height of the custom experience. It is well understood by those for whom custom is a true life style. They want to be cool and comfortable but understand that the slightly tousled look associated with these cloths is something to be worn like a badge of honor.

This collection contains all of the necessities for a classic summer wardrobe: linens in solids and fancy patterns, cottons and dupioni silks. The choices and combinations abound, whether made up into suits, jackets, trousers or walking shorts.

All cloths are woven in Biella, Italy from the finest raw materials. For those who insist on true comfort when the mercury starts to soar, this collection is a dream come true.

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