Alashan Suitings

Alashan … What is it? Simply the purest, finest and rarest Cashmere in the world. It comes from white Alashan goats that inhabit the desert of the same name, located in Inner Mongolia.

The grazing and wetland areas in this desert are slowly being buried by advancing sand dunes, which have taken a toll on the numbers of these charming little animals. Efforts are being made to increase the population, but for the moment, the “herds” remain at dangerously low numbers.

The Alashan goats that exist are under the close watch of the herders who harvest the animal’s raw fiber. This is done by gentle combing that in no way harms the animal. This most precious fiber comes from the animal’s belly and measures only 12 microns.

The Alashan Cashmere used in this collection has been spun on the worsted system which means that the cloths woven from this yarn can be made into suits as well as sport jackets.

There is simply nothing else that comes even remotely close to this remarkable cloth.

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