Broadhead & Graves

broadhead and Graves

Broadhead & Graves is a mill with a rich Huddersfield pedigree. Its cloths are held in high esteem by those who appreciate quality English cloths. 

Gladson distributes  several collections from this illustrious mill ... flannels, suitings, authentic jacketing cloths, coatings and trouser cloths including Bedford Cords, Cavalry Twills, Gaberdines and Venetians.

Broadhead & Graves Authentics

Collection 354 -  Authentic English Flannels
These real English Woollen Flannels weigh in at 13/15 ounces. These are the true originals that Huddersfield weavers have been making for generations. Just the thing for the man who wants a “real” English flannel.
Collection 355 – Authentic English Jackets
Classic checks, tattersalls, herringbones and plaids in year round weights populate this collection. Perfect for those who are always in search of more interesting light and medium weight jackets.

Collection 356 -  Authentic English Jackets II
Handsome sport jacket patterns and colors bring to mind the English countryside. At 12 ounces, these cloths are weighted for Fall and Winter wear. Excellent for unique jackets or odd vests.

Collection 357 – English Coating Cloths
A comprehensive collection of wool, cashmere and camel hair cloths for classic topcoats and overcoats. Nothing goes so well with a custom made suit as a proper outer garment. It is distinguished, sophisticated and warm and the perfect topping for the true gentle man.

Collection  358 – English Super Solids
Fabulous solids in distinctive weaves originated by the English are found in this collection: Gaberdines, Cavalry Twills, Bedford Cords and Venetians. All are solid 12 ounce cloths that are particularly good for trousers.